The product fulfils the following vision:

- moving towards sustainable mobility

- developing environmentally friendly ways of transportation 

- increasing transport safety and energy efficiency

What is it about?

About the constructing of  simple structure above car parks, which is covered with photovoltaic panels .   

About installation of charging stations for electric cars, surplus electricity is sold and used in the public network. 

The location of carports is possible in the existing car parks or it is possible to design them as part of newly planned infrastructure. 

Roofing car parks with photovoltaic panels offers many benefits, both for car users and owners of parking areas. 

Prevention of heat islands

It converts solar energy, which would be otherwise absorbed by surfaces and cars, into useful electricity. 

Shading of parking spaces 

Vehicle owners will certainly welcome the possibility of parking in a shaded place. Cars are then less exposed to weather and heat. 

Maximizing land value

The land used for existing or planned  P + R car parkings is , given parking location, usually highly valued. Therefore, it would be appropriate to use its potential more than just as parking areas.   


However, the highest value is the connection between PV and electromobility. The combination of these trends will create a new range of services for customers.