E2 - Mobility Bundle

Eco-friendly package for E-mobility

called also the E2-Mobility Bundle, is a new complex product for companies and their employees.

The Bundle supports the advent of electromobility, solves the problems of the current charging infrastructure and provides to users:

significant simplification of the transition of the company's car fleet from usual combustion engines to electric cars.

reduction of transportation costs of company, and at the same time reduction of costs for personal trips of the employee.

PR associated with social responsibility and environmental friendliness, together with the concept of "early adopter" or "technology ambassador".

Who is customer of our product and why?

E2 - Mobility Bundle is aimed at ecologically minded companies that want to participate in the growing trend of electromobility and are interested in offering their employees a company EV benefit. 

Thanks to E2-MB, investment costs in the charging infrastructure at the company's premises are reduced, the need for public charging stations is minimized and thus the costs resulting from the transition of the company's fleet to electric vehicles are reduced.